52 Media Inc. Logo

52 Media Inc is a television company based out of Toronto, Canada, founded in 2006 by David York. The company is committed to producing high quality, entertaining and commercially successful television.

In the spring of 2008, 52 Media was busy finishing their feature documentary film Air India 182 and was in the process of shooting the first season of a 13-part television series called STUCK. There were many tapes and hard drives flying to and from edit stations, effects houses, sound mixers and colour correctors.

David contacted us in April of 2008 to help coordinate and streamline their post-production workflow, as well as apply our signature graphical touch to their projects. As a young company, 52 Media didn’t yet have a logo or website, so we started there and quickly moved on to their other projects:

War Story text logo

War Story is a series for History Canada that shares stories of Canadians in combat, told entirely by the men and women who were there. 156 veterans were interviewed, netting more than 468 hours of footage. We were tasked with devising a system for storing and accessing this massive amount of interviews.

Acting as the series’ ongoing post-production consultants and finishing studio, we facilitated the HD capture, restoration and conversion of film archives from around the world, online edited and colour graded the final episodes, and created the show’s branding, opening sequence and supporting maps.

Opening Sequence

Colour Correction

Battle Maps

Many of the episodes required a visual interpretation of battle sequences. So, as has been done for decades, we created battle maps. Great care was taken to ensure accuracy and realism, with a style reminiscent of the time period. Where possible, the series used original news-reel maps from WW2, some requiring seamless matte painting to add critical information.

When archival maps did not exist, we would create them from scratch. We heavily modify modern satellite imagery to create the texture; exaggerating prominent features and then mapping out battle areas. We then used topographical data to create a depth map and everything was brought to life with animation.

Finished map effect for the show

Wiebo's War tells the story of a Christian Community at war with the oil and gas industry. Director David York asked us back to create supporting materials for his film.

We designed the main title, posters, website and retail DVD for 52 Media, and lent a hand with some minor in-film map animations as well.

Air India 182 counts down the final weeks and hours before the flight disappeared off Irish radar screens and we entered the era of international terrorism

Air India 182

Producer David York and director Sturla Gunnarson asked us to design and develop many pieces of the Air India 182 graphics package, including title design, retail DVD, and website.

We developed a clean, stylish solution that respectfully matched the somber tone of the film and tied all of the elements together.

Air India 182 film title design Air India 182 film website design

Ever since the spring of 2008, when we were brought in to help with STUCK, it has been a pleasure working with David, Bryn, Marianne, Sturla, Nick, Barry and all of their staff. 52 Media has something quite special going on - and their team is a huge part of the equation.

52 Media loves telling meaningful stories, and as a result, they pour their heart and soul into every production. To say “we're excited to what they do next” would be a major understatement. We can't wait to get inspired along with them again.