Hopeful and real solutions for big problems.

Adjacent Possibilities is a series of events that sheds an artistic light on entrepreneurial solutions for big, difficult problems. Their first iteration was "art + energy" which showcased the works of three emerging artists (Li-Hill, LeuWebb Projects, and MAKELAB).

The artists were paired with leading entrepreneurs in the cleantech energy sector (Morgan Solar, Hydrostor, and MMB Networks), and asked to create installation pieces that explore themes of inspiration, determination and human innovation.

The project founders came to us with a problem: how do we put a face on this big idea? We had to design an identity system that could stand on its own, but still feel connected with the parent institution, MaRS:

Our challenge: the logo had to reflect the individuality of each project, while still maintaining the commonality of the event's theme. Adjacent is really about three different aesthetics and solutions coming together to create a larger, balanced whole:

Adjacent logo

Our first priority for extending the brand was social media. We established the layout and tone for their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Eventbrite email campaigns to build awareness of the new event.

While momentum was building online, we focused on the event itself. The organizers asked us to create project-specific video loops in lieu of traditional event programmes, as well as logo & title animations for their curatorial documentaries:

Adjacent Possibilities had to come together in only four weeks, but it was a pleasure working alongside Ross, Scott, Jessica, and everyone at MaRS.

Their energy and passion was infectious. It motivated us and fuelled our creativity under a very aggressive timeline.

We are proud of what the Adjacent Possibilities team was able to accomplish, and are inspired by the ingenuity of the artists and entrepreneurs that participated.

We eagerly await the next Adjacent Possibilities challenge.