Pawnathon logo

Pawnathon Canada is a series for History Canada where people from across Canada gather in Toronto to find out how much money their items are worth, and maybe even make some cash. Suddenly SeeMore Productions asked Visual Inclination to design a unique visual identity for the series, along with a substantial roll-out including posters, storefronts, stickers, print ads and online banners.

Guided by a talented team of producers, Visual Inclination played a key role in bringing the series’ signature look to life, both behind the camera and edit suite. In season two, Visual Inclination was reengaged to extend the roll-out of graphic materials and revamp the series’ animation package. Once the dust settled from the intense production schedule, the Visual Inclination team had worn many hats, including design, camera operation, editing, animation and colour correction.

Pawnathon postcard
Pawnathon sticker
Pawnathon poster
Pawnathon storefront