Shoosha red logo with tagline Truly Organic

In 2009, Patricia Di Gasbarro started researching popular products that claimed to be "natural" and "organic." She quickly discovered a shocking lack of standards: companies promoted natural, organic, plant-based ingredients even though many of these products contained toxic chemicals linked to cancer and hormone disruption.

At home in her kitchen, Patricia began experimenting with ingredients, creating butters, balms and lotions. The hard work paid off: all of Shoosha's products are USDA certified organic, doctor recommended, and vegan. Patricia's intense hobby quickly turned into a full-time job, and soon she and business partner Nancy called upon us to bring the Shoosha brand to life.

Shoosha business cards with red logo back and white info details front

We sat down with Shoosha to create a marketing strategy. We needed something that would anchor the brand and reflect the fundamental ideas behind their products and approach. It came in one simple word: True.

Their truth came out in many forms: Truly Organic became a part of Shoosha's legal company name. It also appeared in a series of "true statements" that would help explain what their products were all about:

Packaging Design

The design of the Shoosha packaging will always continue to evolve. It started with simple sample-sized plastic bottles and has since transformed into a full lineup of varying containers.

We worked closely with Patricia and Nancy to research, design, test, and ship each of the bottles, jars and boxes. We enjoyed the process so much that we wanted to share some of the background with you here:

Initial Label Concept

The initial label concept captured the simplicity and cleanliness of the brand, which worked really well on the trade show floor.

Early vector version of bottle labels
Coloured vector version of bottle labels


The biggest refinements came when we began testing the visibility of the products on the shelves. The clean white labels were not standing out enough on the busy store shelves. We had to make a bold statement without sacrificing the modern aesthetic that was so lacking in "natural" personal care packaging.

3D Mockups

Once we had mostly settled on the container materials and label layouts, we needed to see how the finished products would look. Enter: 3D mockups. The photo realistic renderings helped Shoosha make informed finishing decisions and served as early promotional images for their retail channel.

3D rendered version of bottle and label


The only way to know for sure if our packaging design would work was to make up prototypes using the real materials. We developed dies by hand-cutting the prototypes to ensure proper sizing and fit for the bottles. Edit after edit, cut after cut, we emerged with beautiful, custom built, and eco friendly cardboard surrounds.

The products were put into production and all of the pieces fell into place: bottles, jars, labels, cloth bags, paper bands and even laser-burned wood tags all came together to form the Shoosha product line.

Final label and packaging for soap bars

Initial Release

Shoosha officially announced itself to the public during Toronto’s well-attended 2012 Babytime Show. We prepared a booth to showcase several early sample products and educate the show goers through an informative brochure.

All of Shoosha’s ingredients are beautiful and food-grade organic, so they want the world to know.

That’s why they decided to list all ingredients, their description and their purpose within their products on their website.

In Shoosha's own words, “no secrets, no smoke and mirrors, no funky claims or dubious certifications.”

Shoosha believes that nothing less than the purest, highest standard is good enough for you or your children’s skin.