American Vice: Black Market Marijuana Premiere

American Vice: Black Market Marijuana premieres tonight at 10PM on CNBC! We are proud to have provided the show’s Director of Photography, Julian De Zorzi from our NYC office.

Estee Lauder x Mini Melanie

Julian De Zorzi on set for Estee Lauder and Mini Melanie

Our NYC Director, Julian, in his happy place: surrounded by cameras and food. Here’s a peak at our setup for a collaboration between Estée Lauder and Mini Melanie. Photo and creative direction by Derrick Leung.

Shooting War to Premiere at Tribeca Next Month

Shooting War Poster

We are excited to announce that SHOOTING WAR will have its debut at Tribeca next month! Ivan Verlaan is the Director of Photography and Colourist for this documentary film by Grey House Films examining Franco Pagetti’s work during the Iraq War.

The Great Wild Indoors Premiere

Tonight on CBC at 8:00 PM, The Nature of Things presents “The Great Wild Indoors”, a look at the world of insects in your home with some incredible macro and slow-motion filming. We provided the colour grade and VFX for our friends at 52 Media Inc., so tune in!

Survivor Stories – Daniel’s Story


During a brutal treatment regimen for lymphoma, Daniel finds hope in a fellow soccer player that survived cancer. This is the first short film in a series of profiles we are creating, called Survivor Stories. We will look at how different people approach diagnosis and treatment, and hopefully dispel some myths along the way. More here.

Reunion of Giants Premiere

Reunion of Giants at Cineplex


A feature doc the we colour graded has premiered at Cineplex. Very proud of our work on this, and honoured to be involved with Suddenly SeeMore Productions Inc. & Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum‘s great project.

Swipecast launches



Swipecast is a new mobile application that brings together models, photographers, designers, and stylists so that they can interact and communicate, review past work and portfolios, and secure payments for jobs, all in one place.


VisInc was responsible for helping craft a behind the scenes video that served as a launch tool, as well as looping background elements for the website and app.



Swipecast is now available for download via The App Store.

Survivor Stories Teasers


We’ve just released the first teasers for our upcoming project, Survivor Stories.


Be sure to head to to sign-up for updates about the film, or to get in touch with your own story.

GANT Rugger SS15 Released

STAYCATIONLAND, Gant Rugger’s Spring/Summer ’15 campaign is live, and you can check out the campaign film which we helped create.



This was definitely a hard shoot to do camera prep on:



Casting App is Back on Canada’s Smartest Person



We are proud to announce that our Casting App software is back in action, and being used on season 2 of the CBC series, Canada’s Smartest Person!


Think you’ve got what it takes to become Canada’s Smartest Person? Sign up online!

The Second City Project vs. Coconut Oil


You’d be shocked at how many uses there are for coconut oil!


Check out one of our favourite sketches from The Second City Project, premiering April 19th on Global TV.

Canada’s Smartest Person Season 2 Promo is Live!



Our season 2 promo for Canada’s Smartest Person just went live, and we are so excited for the upcoming season!



Season 2 of CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person is now casting. If you’re interested in participating, or know someone brilliant you want to nominate, please visit their website and apply today!

The First Survivor Stories has been filmed!



Today we had the pleasure of filming with Shannon and Winston, the first subjects of our upcoming Survivor Stories series. What an amazing duo!


We really can’t wait to release this first Survivor Stories film! In the meantime, please help us spread the word at

Coming Soon: The Second City Project


Visual Inclination was incredibly proud to be part of the post production team on “The Second City Project”, providing colour grading, motion graphics, and post coordination for the upcoming sketch-comedy special airing on Global TV on April 19th.



While the full special doesn’t until April you can check out a number of sketches on Global TV’s site right now.

The Powers of Time


We just released a short film we created called “The Powers of Time” that illustrates time passing at different powers of 10. What can take place in a fraction of a second or many years? This short animation explores this fascinating question.


The film is a tribute to Ray and Charles Eames’ influential 1977 film “Powers of 10” which examined space from the microscopic to celestial scale.


Created by studio director Ivan Verlaan and former design director Scott Wise, we’re excited to share this passion project with the world.

Reunion of Giants Trailer


Our friends at Suddenly SeeMore Productions just released the trailer for their upcoming documentary, “Reunion of Giants”.




We gave a helping hand with the colour grade, and can’t wait to see the finished film when it “takes off” this summer.

Dragons’ Den Casting with CastingApp




We are very happy to announce that Season 10 of Dragons’ Den is now accepting applications online using our CastingApp!


Apply today with your next big business idea.

War Story Season 3 Premieres

From John Doyle at The Globe and Mail:


The brilliance is the narrative heft – the programs are actual stories told only through the personal reminiscences of witnesses of the events of war. No narrator, no pundit, no professor turning up to hem and haw. It’s intimate, undiluted.


The third season of War Story premieres tonight at 8:00 pm on History.

The Raw Chemist



The Raw Chemist Juice Bar is an all-natural juice bar in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood that offers cold pressed juices and smoothies. We are proud to have helped them with some eye-catching branding and packaging.


Check out our full case study for the complete rundown.

Meredith Heron Design Redesign



Meredith Heron Design is Toronto based, full service, interior design company. They also happen to be a longtime client, and we recently helped them undertake a re-branding effort which included a brand new website design.


We are incredibly proud of the results. Be sure to head over to their site and check it out!

Christie Pits Film Festival 2014

Christie Pits Film Festival "Days of Summer" sign
Running every Sunday night through July and August, the Christie Pits Film Festival presents free screenings of classic films and local shorts in the heart of the Christie Pits park.
This year’s theme was “Days of Summer” and featured films like Stand By Me, Rear Window, and Moonrise Kingdom. We pitched in as a media partner to the festival, executing some fun animation for them:

It turned out to be the most successful year ever for the festival, with over a thousand people showing up to each screening! We had a great time working with the team once again, and can’t wait until next year!
Here are a few photos from the event, courtesy of The Christie Pits Film Festival:
CPFF attendees view VisInc's screenwash
Christie Pits Film Festival's biggest turnout yet!
Photo credits: Marissa O’Neill and Crysler Paton

Gant Rugger FW14 Released

GREEN FINGERS, Gant Rugger’s Fall/Winter ’14 campaign is live! Checkout the full campaign and our film:


Shoot locations include: Brooklyn Grange Farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fox Fodder Farm & Green Fingers NYC.


Here’s a little look at our crew in action:


Director holding camera in a greenhouse

Camera and sound at Brooklyn Grange

Director looking into camera at Fox Fodder Farm

Director working with Satoshi at Green Fingers

Camera assistant holding large umbrella in front Green Fingers store

NYC Skyline from Brooklyn

Shoot locations include: Brooklyn Grange Farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fox Fodder Farm & Green Fingers NYC. Photos by Derrick Leung, Daniel Flemming, and Ivan Verlaan.

Kindred Process Film

We love digging into the craftsmanship that goes into the objects we use, and sometimes take for granted. At the end of last year, we started a collaboration project with Kindred Custom Snowboards to design & build a custom snowboard. Here is our film of their meticulous process:


Gant Rugger SS14

Gant Rugger has released our SS ’14 campaign film! Stockholm meets NYC to party on a sailboat… a weekend to remember! Huge thanks to amazing Derrick Leung for his creative direction, Lola Production, and the excellent team at Gant.


Checkout our film below:



…and here are a couple of BTS photos for good measure:




Camera operator standing in water

Gant Rugger Pre-spring 2014


We recently made a short film for Gant Rugger’s Pre Spring 2014 campaign. Inspired by the Orient Express, we created fun a white linen dinner on the J train.


Creative direction from the wonderful Derrick Leung.

Sector Sarajevo in The Globe And Mail

Sector Sarajevo


John Doyle on Sector Sarajevo in The Globe today:


The doc, finely crafted by filmmakers Barry Stevens and David York, gives us a sense of the carnage and barbarism and what the Canadians had to do in order to survive and to help. Some of the details make your hair stand on end, but this is a must-see, as a reminder of what happened then and of the effect it had on the Canadians who were there, trying so hard to be peacekeepers.


Sector Sarajevo premiers tomorrow night (Sunday Nov. 10th) on History.

Bad Trips Abroad Season 2

Bad Trips Abroad Season 2


Following the success of their first season, Bad Trips Abroad has officially begun shooting for a second! We are thrilled to be a part of the show and look forward to what new stories await us.


The second season is set to hit the airwaves next spring.

War Story At The Royal

The Royal


With a new season of War Story hitting History TV Nov 10th, the producers hosted a special screening for the two Vietnam documentaries tonight. The films looked at both sides of the border: deserters leaving the USA to seek sanctuary in Canada, and Canadians (mostly volunteers) that joined the US military to fight in Vietnam.


It is always rewarding to see your hard work on the big screen, but the highlight of the night was the town hall discussion after the films were presented. Series director Barry Stevens and executive producer David York took the stage with some of the veteran participants for a lively discussion of the issues raised by the films.

Casting App

Casting App


We are working on something very special but top-secret. Anyone involved with television, film or commercial casting can find out more by getting in touch!

Christie Pits Film Festival

Christie Pits Film Festivalchristie6Christie Pits Film Festival


We are big fans of the Toronto film community, so when Nikin Nagewadia approached us to help with some animations for the Christie Pits Film Festival, we jumped at the chance.


Free outdoor film screenings in the summer – what’s not to love?


Emily Reid and the team have put on a great event for three years running now, and we’re proud to have been a sponsor. Here’s to year four!


(photos provided by Emily Reid, for more please check out the CPFF Facebook Page)

Bad Trips Abroad Premiere



Tune in to Travel and Escape at 10:30PM, Sunday June 16th for the premiere of Bad Trips Abroad – a show that profiles travellers who have run into misfortune, sharing their first-hand experiences.


We provided a host of production and post-production services to this series – from editing, animation and colour grading right down to stock footage – so we are very excited to see this show on air! We will get a full portfolio entry up as soon as we can.

Temple Street Productions

Temple Street Productions


Temple Street Productions is an award winning television, film and digital media production company based in Toronto, and we just launched an overhaul of their website. Check it out!

Kindred Custom Snowboards



We are proud to announce the launch of Kindred’s new brand new identity and website! They create beautiful, hand-made snowboards in Commox Valley, BC – a pursuit rich with visual inspiration. Please check them out and share widely, as they do amazing work! (we have an exciting collaboration in the works too, but more on that later)

Finishing Touches

404 error image


With the new website up and running, we decided it was time to finesse the finishing touches. If you type in the wrong address on our website, you will now see this furry error message. Remember, don’t get on Klaus’ bad side.

FRAME – Our Perspective on Perspective

2012 Promo


Our New Years promos are ready! We’ve spent the last little while creating something that shows the personal touch of each of us here at VisInc. If you’d like to get your very own taste of the VisInc perspective, drop us a line to get on the mailing list!

If you would like to skip the print work and get right to our short films, please have a look at the website here: FRAME.

War Story Premieres


History will be airing 2 episodes of War Story per night at 8:00 PM Thursday through Sunday (Remembrance Day), along with additional episodes at 10:30 PM Saturday and Sunday.


We are extremely proud of this series. It has been crafted by some of the best producers, researchers and editors in the business to give some insight on war from the perspective of the men and women that lived through it.


We have been fortunate enough to work in post-production on this project – dedicating more than a year’s work to it, making sure that these men and women could tell their stories in their own words. We hope that you can tune in.

One People Premieres

Harry Belafonte


One People premieres August 6th in Kingston, London, NYC, Toronto and Miami. One People is a feature-length documentary that celebrates Jamaica’s global reach 50 years after independence.


Julian De Zorzi from our Brooklyn studio was brought on to shoot a series of interviews in New York, Washington D.C. and Virginia. The experience allowed him to meet and interview an incredible array of subjects including Harry Belafonte, Gen. Colin Powell, Jazz musician Monty Alexander, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and dozens of others.


More information on the NYC screening can be found here.

Meredith Heron Design gets a revamp

Meredith Heron Design recently underwent a facelift. Their existing website, one that we had developed years ago entirely in Flash, still suited the talented studio quite well, but the Flash architecture was no longer the best format for presenting their work. The new website no longer relies on Flash for the heavy lifting, and is now fully iPad compatible. To go along with the overhaul, we built Meredith Heron – a prolific personality and popular Twitterer – an engaging and feature-rich blog to share her ideas and visions for interior design.


Meredith Tutorial


She took to it like a pro, as you can see above in our in-person walkthrough where we demonstrated the back-end functionality of the site. Check out the blog here, or the full site here:

Helios Energy site launches

Helios Header


Visual Inclination recently launched an overhauled website for Helios Energy, experts in solar energy developments and fellow Toronto natives. The new website modernizes their visual aesthetic and packs a big technical punch, with a robust back-end for content management and an incredibly useful rooftop evaluation tool that allows propsective clients to guage their specific needs and values.


Check out the new site at

Happy New Year!


We hit a lot of milestones in 2010, including reaching one full year at our Queen Street studio and opening another new studio in New York City. We’ve jet-setted, pounded the pavement, burned the midnight oil, laughed, cried, pondered, learned, lost and gained. And as we enter our twelfth year, it’s time to celebrate and look back at twelve reasons that made 2010 such a great year.


Please click here for a larger viewing experience.

Freak Encounters Premieres on Animal Planet

Freak Encounters premieres tonight, October 19, on Animal Planet at 10:30 PM. It is a hilarious prank show that forces unsuspecting victims to come face-to-face with frightening mythical creatures.


Visual Inclination had the pleasure of working for Suddenly SeeMore… Productions on the show this past spring, lending our services for on-set editing and creating sketch-book illustrations.


Freak Encounters will be airing on Animal Planet in the US only.

Mustang Challenge Season Recap

For the past six months, we have been working with our friends at Compass 360 to cover the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge series. Last week we launched the final video of the series: a look at the top three drivers of the year, along with some behind the scene antics.


It has been a great deal of fun shooting and editing all of the online episodes. A big thank-you to Karl at Compass 360, everyone at Ford Racing and the Mustang Challenge drivers & crew for making this such a pleasant experience!



A full portfolio entry will be coming soon.