Christie Pits Film Festival 2014

Christie Pits Film Festival "Days of Summer" sign
Running every Sunday night through July and August, the Christie Pits Film Festival presents free screenings of classic films and local shorts in the heart of the Christie Pits park.
This year’s theme was “Days of Summer” and featured films like Stand By Me, Rear Window, and Moonrise Kingdom. We pitched in as a media partner to the festival, executing some fun animation for them:

It turned out to be the most successful year ever for the festival, with over a thousand people showing up to each screening! We had a great time working with the team once again, and can’t wait until next year!
Here are a few photos from the event, courtesy of The Christie Pits Film Festival:
CPFF attendees view VisInc's screenwash
Christie Pits Film Festival's biggest turnout yet!
Photo credits: Marissa O’Neill and Crysler Paton