Cheers to 2014

Garnish App Launches


Well, another wonderful year has passed us by. We saw a lot of change and growth in 2013, which we might outline in a future news post, but 2014 marks a major milestone for us:


This will be Visual Inclination’s 15th year in business!


We are really excited about reaching this ripe old age, but more than anything, we are grateful. Our amazing clients and collaborators are what got us here. So… thank you!


As a token of our thanks, we wanted to give you something of lasting value. Something that you would want to hang onto, but still reflected our character as a collective of creative, interdisciplinary artists.


Adam came up with a playful concept that our whole team rallied behind, and we are all very proud to present you: Garnish. Our favourite cocktail recipes, beautifully illustrated with macro films and presented as a website or iOS app. All with a clever origami invitation from Mick, of course.


Thank you once again for your support over the past 15 years, and cheers to 15 more!



Garnish Invite